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What version of the CMS do I have?

Over the years, we have produced several different versions of our Content Management System (CMS).  This page will show you how to check which version you are using so that we can direct you to the help topics and advice that is most relevant to you.

The simplest way to check which version of the CMS you are using is to load the login area for your website.

  • Head to

If your login window looks like...

Version 3 CMS

You are using our Version 3 Content Management System.

Who are Support?

We're a friendly bunch who really care about making sure you feel fully supported with your website. We want to ensure your website experience is enjoyable, informative and efficient.

If problems occur along the way, as they sometimes do... we will act as swiftly as possible to seek out a solution. We do our utmost to keep you informed at all stages with clearly defined SLA's (Service Level Agreements) and expectations.

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    Your school website (or trust or teaching school hub website for that matter) is your window to the world. It’s your opportunity to showcase your offering, teaching style, academic success, facilities and so much more.

    It’s also a brilliant tool for parental engagement, boosting search engine optimisation and for keeping your community up to date.

    But if you’ve not changed your website design in a few years, you might be feeling like it isn’t really working as hard as it could be or that you aren’t benefiting from the latest technological and design advances.

    The good news is that you’re not alone! Our research shows that, on average, our customers usually redesign their school website every 3.4 years.

    So, if you’re feeling underwhelmed and wishing your school website could be doing more for you, why not consider a school website redesign?

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  • New year, new start

    A new year (calendar or academic) is the chance for a fresh start. Goals are set, mistakes are relegated to the past and there’s generally a feeling of ‘newness’ in the air.

    Whether you’re looking for a new school website design, wanting to improve your school newsletter frequency or finally getting round to filming that virtual tour, the new year provides schools and trusts with the perfect opportunity to put these plans into action.

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