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Resize images before upload

Resizing images before uploading them to the website through the image manager will greatly reduce the amount of time you are sat waiting for the images to upload from your computer to the server, especially if you are uploading multiple images straight from a digital camera.

The first thing you will need to do is download and install some free software called Pixresizer. You can obtain the software at (Warning: this site shows an advert next to the screen shot of the application, sometimes this advert is a large download button DO NOT click on this large download link )

Pixresizer download, avoid the advert

Once installed, launch the software and you will be presented with the following window. Click on the tab highlighted to be taken to the area we need.

Pix Resizer

The image below will show you the order of buttons to be pressed.
  1. Click the 'Source' button which will open up a window which allows you to browse for the folder that contains the photos that you would like to resize
  2. Now you need to select the folder where the resized images will be saved to. Note: This should be a different folder to where the originals are so that the originals are not lost
  3. Check the box named 'Equal Width'
  4. Set the size to 1000
  5. Set the file format to 'JPEG'
  6. Finally click on 'Save Pictures', this will start the process of resizing your photos.

Resizing muliple images using Pix Resizer

The resized images will then be ready for uploading to your website, the number of images that you may upload at any one time depends upon several factors, such as; speed of your internet connection, size of images, time of day, and others. Generally uploading in batches of 10 images, which have been resized, will go through without any issues.


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