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Resize images

Resizing images before you upload them to the site can dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes for the selected image(s) to upload from your computer to your website. The file size for an image taken from a modern digital camera can be anything up to 10mb per image, which could take several minutes to upload to your website. Resizing the image(s) before uploading is a very quick and easy process and will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes for the image(s) to upload.

Images used in the Slideshow area of your website need to be higher quality that those within the content area of your site.  These should be a minimum of 2000px wide and can then be cropped within the file manager to the right proportions when uploaded.  Remember, the image will likely need to fit a narrow, letter-box area, so choose the image carefully to suit.   

  Discover more about editing the slideshowImages within your content area will need to be no more than 800px wide, but you may be able to reduce them further if they will not be full width on your page.  

  Discover more about adding images to your content


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