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Paste from Word icon

Using the ‘Paste From Word’ icon (see below)when pasting text in from a document or website will remove the font, font size and colour set up in the document or webpage, ensuring that the content is consistent as possible.

the paste from word icon

The image below shows what the page could look like if the 'Paste From Word' icon wasn't used when pasting text into the editor from an external source. The styles for the fonts, colours & sizes of the text will be carried across from the document into the editor.

Bad example - the content added to the editor has carried across the font, size & colous used in the orginal document

The image below shows the same page after the content was added by using the 'Paste From Word' icon, showing the content is the same font, size and colour throughout.

Good example - the same content has been added using the 'paste from word' icon, ensuring that the font, colour, and size of the text has been removed

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