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To create a new parent's evening booking form click on the 'Create' link.

You can then give the booking for a title.

Then you can select which year group(s) the booking for is for by clicking on the ''+ Add' button

From the pop up window you can then select the year(s) / registration groups(s) that the parents evening is aimed at by selecting an option from the left hand panel and clicking on the 'Add' icon.

Once you have finished selecting the year(s) / registration(s) groups click the 'Add' button.

The selected group(s) will be displayed under the title.

You then set the date, start and end time for the parents evening.

You can alo set the date parents can start accessing the booking form to book time slots as well as how long each slot lasts and the time between each slot to allow parents to move from one appointment to another.

If you wish to you can also add notes to the booking form you can to by adding the details in the text area.

Once you have finished setting up the booking form click on 'Next'

The next screen displays the list of teachers associated with the year group(s) / registration groups(s) selected on the previous page.

Here, you have the option to edit the start time and appointment duration for each teacher incase they may different from the overall settings chosen.

You can now either save the booking form as a draft to work on it at a later date by clicking on 'Create Draft' button or you can publish the booking form by clicking on the 'Publish' button

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