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Connect - Newsletter

Click on the 'Create A New Newsletter' button

You can then give your newsletter a title.

Adding / reordering / deleting rows

Once you have added a title you can start adding rows of content blocks which will make up your newsletter comprising of either 1 of 2 columns per row by dragging them from the right hand column into the newsletter content area.

You can reorder the rows by hovering over the row in question and and then clicking and holding down the left mouse button on the 'Reorder' button and then drag the row up or down to change the order.

You can delete a row and its contents by hovering over the row in question and clicking on the 'Delete' button.

Adding Content

To add content to one of the rows added to the newsletter click on the 'Content' tab on the right hand side. You will then see a list of content blocks you can insert

To add a content block simply click and hold down the left mouse button and drag the block into the block you would like to add it to. Clicking into the block will then allow you to it it and add your desired content.


The text block allows you to add text and make it bold, italic, underlines. You can also insert links to external websites or files stored within the file manager in the same way you can do with normal pages of content within the CMS.


The Image block allows you to fill a content block with an image. You can either drag your image over the block directly from your computer, or you can click on the 'Browse' button and select an image from the image manager.


The divider will add in a horizontal line between two rows. The diver row can only be inserted into a 1 column row

Social Media 

The Social media block allows you to display a feed from either Facebook or Twitter. After dragging the block in you will see a series of options towards the top allowing you to choose the type of feed to display (Facebook / Twitter), The feed handle, If the feed should display images added to the posts pulled in, along with the number of items that will be displayed

News Articles 

The News Articles block allows you to pull in a series of news articles added to the site. After dragging the block in you will see a series of options towards the top allowing you to choose the news category items will be pulled from. the colour scheme of the block, the number of items to be displayed and the date range of the news articles.

Calendar Events 

The Calendar Events block allows you to pull in a series of upcoming events. After dragging the block in you will see a series of options towards the top allowing you to choose the calendar category the events will be pulled from, The colour scheme of the block, number of events and date range for the the calendar events.

If you want to ensure specific events are displayed within the selected date range you can click on the 'Select Event(s)' option and pick the event(s) that you want to display. Leaving this blank will just output the selected number of events between the 2 dates.

Photo Albums 

Photo Albums

The Photo Albums block allows you to display a slideshow of images from a selected photo album added to the site. After dragging the block in you will see a series of options towards the top allowing you to choose the album that the images will be displayed from along with the number of images that will be displayed.

You can also select specific photos within the album that you would like to display by clicking on the 'Select Item(s)' option and picking the images you would like to be displayed. If you leave this blank all of the images within the albums will be displayed to to the selected number of images.

Once you have finished creating your newsletter you can preview it by clicking on the 'Preview' button int he right hand panel. you can also delete the newsletter you are in the process of creating by clicking on the 'Delete' button.

Yow will now see a preview of how your newsletter will look. You can now save the newsletter as a draft to continue working on it at a later date, save it as a draft so you can use the layout for other newsletters created int he future, or you can publish the newsletter and send parents a link to it or add the link to it on the site.

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